Download FreeWeb

Download & Installation Instructions

Current version is 0.1.5

This new version can be installed over the top of any previous version you may have. (but please be sure to back up your freeweb.ini file).

Also, if you're upgrading from an earlier version, you'll have to upload all your websites again.
Please note that, all proxy server functionality featured in previous versions of FreeWeb has been completely removed. This fixes the remaining security leaks.

NOTE - You MUST be running Freenet v0.4 or later!

All users

Please note that the latest source and build files (Makefiles, MSVC project files etc) is available through FreeWeb CVS on Sourceforge
You can download the CVS sources file-by-file (not recommended), or through your cvs client program. If you're using Windows, you can get some excellent CVS tools in the Cygwin environment, and/or via For more info about CVS, visit Sourceforge CVS doco

Windows Users

Please don't install FreeWeb until you have Freenet 0.4 (or later) up and running.

To download Freenet from scratch, visit the Freenet Website

The correct installation sequence is:

  1. Download and install the Sun Java Runtime Environment
  2. Download and install Freenet, and get it working
  3. Download and install FreeWeb

But if you already have Freenet v0.4 or later working and running on your system, you'll be able to download and install FreeWeb without any problems.


FreeWeb download

  • ZIP file (you'll have to create your own shortcuts etc) - 901kB


Linux Users

Early testing has indicated that much of FreeWeb works well on Linux via the wine windows emulator. However, some features (such as site auto-refresh) will result in GPF crashes.

To get FreeWeb working with Linux under Wine,

  1. Get Freenet up and running on your box
  2. Ensure the 'wine' package is installed and set up
  3. In your ~/.wine/config file, add the following entry:
    [Drive L]
    "Path" = "/"
    "Type" = "network"
    "Label" = "linux root"
    "Filesystem" = "win95"
  4. Download FreeWeb, and extract it into a directory of your choice
  5. To start up FreeWeb, cd into that directory and type 'wine freeweb.exe'

Note - there is a small bug in under Wine which prevents FreeWeb from being able to launch URLs into your browser. Therefore functions like 'Help/User Manual', or 'View Site' won't work.

We apologise that, at this time, there is not yet a native Linux version of FreeWeb. However, rapid progress is being made towards an early console-based version.

(If there are any keen KDE developers out there, please get in touch).

Once FreeWeb gains popularity, be assured that it will be promptly ported to native Linux and released.

Macintosh Users

Sorry folks, there is no Macintosh version of FreeWeb. (Macintosh C++ developers please get in touch.

If someone is willing to donate us a Macintosh, with a decent C/C++ development environment (or the funds to purchase these), then work will commence on a native Macintosh version.

Otherwise, Position Vacant: Macintosh C++ developer, knowledge of Windows API a must.