FreeWeb versus
MainStream Web


  Mainstream Web FreeWeb
Costs Web Hosting fees
Domain Registration fees
Virtual Domain fees
Absolutely free of charge
Anonymity Very little. Hard to publish or retrieve information without it being directly traceable to you personally Offers almost impenetrable anonymity for both publishing and requesting of information
Resilience Mainstream web sites can be easily taken down. Most hosting companies would rather shut down a site than risk legal action (whether or not such legal action is simply bluff). FreeWeb sites are virtually immune to takedown demands. Each site can reside at any number of Freenet nodes, and there's no telling which nodes actually have the information in question..
The only way to take down a FreeWeb site is to shut down every computer in the world running Freenet (or simply for the author to cancel the daily updates)
Censorship Censorship is rife on the mainstream Web. Many computers can only access the web through filtering software, which blocks out even 'legitimate' sites. Since FreeWeb uses Freenet, censorship simply doesn't exist.
Attempts to remove files will automatically result in such files proliferating around the net.
Speed Fast Can be a little slow, due to the heavy use of encryption and the fact that published files are not stored in predictable places
Domain Registration

Administered through domain registrars, at an up-front plus annual cost.
Individuals can register as many domains as they want, according to their budget.
Vast numbers of quality domain names have been claimed by 'squatters', who hope to sell them off at an exorbitant profit. As a result, registering a quality domain name can potentially cost up to several million dollars.

There are no 'domains' on FreeWeb. However, each site is required to have a unique name.
As long as you can think up unique site names, you can have as many sites as you like, free of charge.

Publishing Websites Requires an account on a web host.
Files are usually uploaded with an 'FTP' program.
No need for hosting accounts, and no need for FTP. The FreeWeb Publisher program simply and easily uploads your websites, and does all the housekeeping
Updates Once a website is uploaded, it stays in its present form (as long as you keep paying for hosting and domain registration, and no-one shuts down your site). Once you publish a website, you must run the FreeWeb Publisher once a day (at least once every 3 days) to keep the site visible (but this need will be eliminated in upcoming versions).
Also, any updates you make to the site can only be uploaded once per day.