Publishing Websites on FreeWeb

Figure 2 - FreeWeb main window

Publishing sites is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Create a website in a folder on your disk
  • Make sure that folder contains a main page, called index.html
  • Drag the folder onto the FreeWeb Publisher window (see above), or simply click on the "Add a New Site" button
  • Choose a domain name for this website. For example, if you choose "kalathumpian", then you will be allocated the domain Other FreeWeb users will be able to surf your site with the URL, or simply,
  • If you want, you can add a short description of your site.
  • You can then click one of the 'Freshen Sites' buttons to upload your site into Freenet.

Figure 3 - Adding a new site to FreeWeb

Site Properties

FreeWeb Motivation

Figure 4 - FreeWeb 'about dialog'