What is FreeWeb?

Simply put, FreeWeb is an 'alternative world-wide web'.

So how does it work?

Technically speaking, FreeWeb is a user-friendly GUI-based Freenet client for site insertion.

More simply put, FreeWeb allows you to create websites within Freenet

Freenet is no longer an elite den
for developers and crypto experts

As of now, anyone can use Freenet!.


Using the revolutionary Freenet publishing system, FreeWeb allows you to browse and publish websites which:

So how do I use it?

FreeWeb is designed for utmost ease of use.
If you know how to create and upload a website, you will find FreeWeb a breeze.

But even if you don't know how to write websites, FreeWeb will write the html files for you. This will be appreciated by people migrating from other programs like Gnutella.

If you already have FreeNet installed and working on your system, you only need install Freeweb (easy!), and you'll be up and running.

Freenet is what makes all this possible.
Freenet is the brainchild of a visionary Irish programmer named Ian Clark. A dedicated free-speech advocate, Clark based his final university thesis on research into a network architecture which protects people's rights to freedom and anonymity, should these be desired.

Freenet is a Peer to Peer networking infrastructure. It completely eliminates all need for a central server, and instead empowers users by allowing them to communicate amongst each other through encrypted channels.

With most Peer to Peer technologies, it is easy to determine the IP address of anyone publishing or requesting information. Using such technologies, your privacy is compromised - you may as well display your name, home address and phone number for all to see.

But what makes Freenet unique is its powerful privacy-protection features. All material trafficked on Freenet is exchanged in an encrypted form, and is stored on several computers.

The unique architecture and network topology of Freenet ensures that the IP addresses of people publishing information, and people requesting information, can not be revealed or traced.

At last, there is now a way to share your opinions safely!